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I once asked a friend who is an artist, "How do you know that the piece of art that you are working on is going to be worth doing?"  His reply was "You don't know until it's done, and that is one of the reasons we keep making art".

Latest Work

Old maps and paper airplanes

Initially from a memory as a child of my grandfather making me airplanes from the front covers of the Radio Times

Doors of Perception

Commissioned work in collaboration with Tim Harrold for Essex Network of Artists Studios for "Traces" show at Hadleigh Old Fire Station Studios


Various influences.  Some work created as triptychs

This work exists somewhere between painting and sculpture, despite being wall-mounted and marked with colour.

The work is often carved, polished and sanded, resulting in highly varied relief surfaces. Areas of the work form visual bridges, allowing tentative connections with other spaces.  Layers of colour seem to tease, having been applied and taken away, fighting with materials and form.

The layering and peeling back of surfaces: the way in which time acts on the world around us, concealing and unveiling by turns.

Areas of paint crack to expose another time: a memory is revealed, a place, a captured moment in life....


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Early Work

Created whilst at Thurrock and Maistone Colleges

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  • Lisa Anderson (Wednesday, September 28 16 10:44 am BST)

    Chuffed to be the owner of 3 of these.Great website John.
    When I have ever heard you describe each one ,for me they are then fully understood and I am awaken inside.You have alot to share and many can learn alot from you.

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